Alive IV Therapy FAQ


Is it safe?

Yes, our infusions are safe. The ingredients are sourced from reliable, reputable and accredited compounding pharmacies and suppliers. The IVs are chosen and administered by our licensed and skilled IV specialists.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects rarely occur but if they do they are usually minor and short lived.  Bruising, bleeding from the site and soreness can occur.  Some people report feeling cooling of the arm, a metallic taste in their mouth, maybe a flushed feeling, and a vitamin smell in their urine- these are all normal! Less common side effects are risk of infection and allergic reactions.  Our skilled nursing staff are trained to identify and treat all side effects.

What is in the IV?

The IV contains sterile fluid and the appropriate additives that can be any combination of minerals, vitamins, Amino Acids, and nutrients. Our main focus is hydration/IV fluids...the vitamins and minerals are an added bonus!

Is there a doctor present?

Alive IV has a contract agreement with a Medical Director, who oversees the operations of the IV administration(s).  The MD may or may not be present at the time of your infusion, but is always available for questions. One of our professional, licensed, and skilled IV specialists (certified RN's) will administer and monitor you while receiving your infusion.

How long does an IV take?

Our IV’s take anywhere from 20-45 minutes depending on the infusion. Our goal is to administer your infusion at a safe and comfortable rate.

Is the process painful?

Typically, no. If needed, a numbing agent can be used to numb the area, so you don’t feel anything.  The needle used is a very small needle and is well tolerated by most people. 

Can I overdose?

The additives in the IVs are given in very safe doses and most do not contain additives that the human body can overdose on.   Your body will absorb what it needs and safely eliminate the rest. 

Why couldn't I just take vitamins by mouth?

Most of the daily supplements taken by mouth are only partially absorbed therefore only allowing partial activity. With Intravenous Therapy the nutrients enter the bloodstream at higher, safe concentrations allowing direct delivery to the body’s cells.  This allows the body to better absorb and utilize these nutrients. We encourage our clients to continue their oral supplement regimen along with IV nutrient therapy to obtain maximum results.  Alive IV also believes that everyone should get majority of the their vitamins and nutrients through food and water!

What can I expect after the infusion?

Most people notice increased energy and feeling better overall.  Some people report a vitamin taste in their mouth and strong vitamin smell in their urine, but that’s totally normal. That is how the body eliminates the nutrients once the body metabolizes them.  You may see dramatic effects after the first IV depending on your nutritional hydration status.  Those who get regular IVs will feel less dramatic effects as their body starts to maximize their hydration nutritional balance. 

How frequently can I get an infusion?

Depending on the infusion, some patients get an IV up to twice a week.  You have the option to do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly treatments. We recommend getting an IV when you feel the need to boost your energy levels, travel frequently, or just want to get back to your normal, productive self.

Do you have group rates, or offer discounts?

Yes, Alive IV Therapy has discounted rates for groups that are 5 or more.  There will be a $100 travel fee if the group is 5 or less, but that fee is waived if the event and/or party is 5 or more.  All active military, retired military and veterans will receive additional discounts.  Contact Alive IV for group/event pricing.  We look forward, and cherish the opportunity, to service all that inquire.

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