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Troy Bever


Troy has an extensive background in health/wellness, sports, and nutrition.  He has worked in the vitamin deficiency testing space for a number of years, and has experience in DNA/Diagnostics testing.  Hydration plays a huge role in the Bever family, being involved in sports since he was a kid and now watching his kids in their sporting activities.  The reason for Alive IV's existence, is to make people aware of how important hydration is, and how we can educate ourselves on the features and benefits of hydration.  "I encourage everyone to get their vitamins, nutrients, and minerals through food and water.  IV Hydration Therapy is just icing on the cake..and sometimes necessary for proper/optimal hydration"..Troy Bever

Dr. Ben J. Tittle MD

Medical Director

A native Texan, born and raised, Dr. Tittle (Board Certified Plastic Surgeon) has been in the practice of Aesthetics and Reconstructive Surgery since 1989.  His goal in the practice of plastic surgery is to deliver the highest quality patient care by applying knowledge and technical expertise with a caring and personal environment.  He has successful practices in both Dallas and Frisco (DFW)..Plastic Surgery of Texas.  Alive IV Therapy is thrilled to have Dr. Tittle as a part of the team.  He is always available for our clients and customers if any validation is needed.  He loves teaching his craft and enjoys spending time with his wonderful wife Nance, and his children.  For more information.. https://www.plasticsurgeryoftexas.com/drtittle/

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